Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Objectives: by the end of the lessone you will have
·       Thought about how you learn English.
·       Read a passage about ways you can learn English.
·       Discussed some statements.
·       Written a letter of advice.

A. Think about how you yoursalf learn down a few points quickly and then compare them with those of other students in your group.

Talk with teachers/friends

Listen to the radio/ television

Watch English films

Read textbooks

Read newspapers and magazines

Write letters

Read grammar books

Do translations

Memorise conversational English 


B. Read the following passage about how a new language can be learn.

Two friends, David and Habib, wanted to learn how to ride a cycle. Habib bought a book called how to ride a cycle and started reading it. On the other hand,David took out his cycle on the street and started trying to ridging it.he fell off several times and Habib laughed at him.
However, by the time Habib finished the first chapter of his book, David was riding his cycle fairly well. Habib knew how the cycle worked but did not know how to use it. David did not need to know everything about how his cycle worked but he know how to use it from first-hand experience.
Learning a language is like riding a cycle. The most important thing about any language is communication. You learn to communicate effectively by using a language, by doing things with it, and by experiencing it. You can learn English in the same way that David learn to ride a cycle. Don’t worry if people laugh at you when you make mistakes. You can certainly learn through mistakes.

Now discuss the following questions in small groups.

1.who is more practical among the two ? how?
2.what was Habib’s problem in learning to ride a cycle? is learning a language similar to ride a cycle ?
4.what is the writer’s attitude towards making mistakes? Are mistakes tolerated in your english class? What about in other classes ?

c. discuss in pairs what you understand by the following statements.
You can learn to speak only by speaking.
You can learn to listen only by listening.
You can learn to read only by reading.
You can learn to write to only by writing.



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